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    Ines - ceramics atelier
Christoph - design studio

We create ceramic art which provides meaning, beauty and context to space,
space to live,
space to animate and
space to experience.
Our artistic works may turn your rooms into holistic experiences.

We create artistic ceramic sculptures which can be touched by eyes and hands, which always reveal new aspects and leave distinctive imprints however you will approach and view them, either from close up or from a distance. Apparently informal drawings will evoke reminiscences of familiar forms and yet will be transient and undergoing constant change.
Our works always offer fascinating icons and pictures of constantly varying fantasies.

Big, well-defined, convexly braced forms, columns and semispherical objects are developed from previously created form components.
The repetition of simple, reduced statuaries and the redundance of the simplicity creates bodies and surfaces for ceramic paintings and drawings like white sheets or canvases.
The pieces are still leatherhard, while we start the first steps of the composition. It is about carving and engraving into the ceramic bodies.
Only after the bisque fireing at 900 degrees the surfaces of the objects get several coats of colour which are then partially removed, again layered with different colours, and finally fired at 1220 degrees. Thus free, multilayered irregular surfaces of colours and areas of very different perspectives emerge.

Dynamic, compartmentalyzed patterns are contrasting with more extensive restful colour fields, always in bright-shaded colour gradients and often in cold-warm and complimentary contrasts. Linear structures are integrated into the break of colour fields and guide the viewer through three-dimensional pictures.

Ines and Christoph Hasenberg